Introducing Natasha Mulvihill and Hannah Richards

October 5, 2023

SPIN’s Newest Members – Natasha Mulvihill and Hannah Richards


Please give a warm welcome to SPIN’s newest members, Natasha Mulvihill of the University of Bristol and Hannah Richards of Cardiff University. 



Natasha is an Associate Professor in Criminology in the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol. In her research, Natasha  focuses on three areas:  

  1. Professional and powerful perpetrators of sexual violence and abuse, and institutional harm 
  2. Intersections of sexual violence and harm with popular culture, technology, or faith 
  3. Sex industry. 


Natasha’s current research projects include: ‘‘Rough Sex’’ and an ‘Sex. power and professionals: the nature, extent and administrative justice responses to sexual misconduct and abuse perpetrated by professionals’, for which she was awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant in November 2022 to further her work on professional perpetrators. With work focusing on sex, coercion, abuse, power, and secrecy, SPIN is delighted to welcome Natasha on board. 

Profile: Natasha Mulvihill 



Hannah is a Graduate Tutor and an ESRC-funded PhD Researcher in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Cardiff University. Her doctoral research focuses on the British military court centre and asks what this space can tell us about the military’s relationship with human rights. 

Hannah’s research is concerned with open justice, human rights, transparency, and violence and her current project – ‘Hidden Transcripts of Violence in British Military Courts’ – delves into the ‘closed’ space of the UK’s permanent military court centres to provide insight into what occurs inside.  

Profile: Hannah Richards 




SPIN is delighted to offer a warm welcome to both new members and looks forward to many future collaborations and research endeavours.  
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