Our research spans a wide variety of issues and approaches relating to secrecy and ignorance, with experts on secrecy, law and liberal government; sexualities, race and gender in relation to secrecy; intelligence oversight; scientific and technical knowledge (un)making; methods and methodologies of studying secrecy and ignorance; and cultures of secrecy and insecurity. Our network also includes regional expertise and networks in the US, Europe, the Sahel region in North Africa, as well as expertise in the domains of trans rights, migration, chemical weapons, cybersecurity, government transparency, maritime security, counter-terrorism and political extremism.

Current research streams include:

  • Expanding geospatial and temporal understandings of secrecy and power
  • The practices of secrecy experts, including intelligence organisations and their governance
  • Rethinking secrecy through revelation as a set of practices and as a concept
  • Exploring the queer origins of secrecy studies as a sub-discipline
  • Understanding erasures, race, and ignorance within broader structural formations, including decolonization and decolonial thinking as response
  • conspiracy cultures

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