The Politics of the Online Alt-Right

Uygar Baspehlivan, University of Bristol

This project navigates and critically analyses the production of Alt-Right/far-right/neo-fascist subjects in online cultural spaces of humour, popular culture and conspiracy. It aims to understand how the online as a particular and novel space of political and cultural activity has become an integral part of processes of far-right knowledge production as well as subject production. In particular, it takes seemingly trivial cultural artefacts such as internet memes, Youtube commentary videos and Twitter comments and explores their vital role in the circulation of extremist, white supremacist, sexist, homophobic knowledges or “non-knowledges” such as conspiracy theories, new world order threats or eugenicist ideologies. In doing so, it aims to uncover the violences (epistemic and physical) that follow from these circulations and hopes to formulate means of resisting and countering such ideological and cultural formations.