SPIN’s Twitter hour co-hosted with @DefenceResNet and @womenknowintel

July 1, 2022


SPIN is pleased to share the responses to our recent #TwitterHour on the theme of ‘intelligence’ co-hosted with the Defence Research Network (@DefenceResNet) and Women’s Intelligence Network (@womenknowintel)  


“Reflecting on intelligence, reminds us of the  unclear boundaries surrounding what is classified as intelligence rather  than mere information. How is it that something becomes intelligence?  Are all voices listened to in the gathering and sharing of intelligence?  Who and what are acceptable subjects about which intelligence is  gathered and how do they become so? We’ve enjoyed reflecting on  different perspectives on intelligence this month and you can explore  this theme further through our recount of the twitter hour below. Our  news section also considers contemporary uses of intelligence and, in  particular, its application in the war in Ukraine.”
Hannah West and Jemma Humphries
Co-Chairs of the Defence Research Network


Please find the questions and interesting findings in the below threads from our #TwitterHour.










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