LIVE: SPIN-We the Curious A-Z of Secrecy and Ignorance

June 22, 2021

A collaborative science project co-developed with SPIN featured in the reopening of Bristol’s educational charity We The Curious.

We The Curious | EnlightenedEducational charity We The Curious, based in Bristol, is reopening after COVID-19 lockdown restrictions with a bold new experience Project What If. It is running from May – July 2021 and features the ‘John James Theatre of Curiosity’ – a central discussion space which encourages visitors to explore how science works.


Through the ‘The A-Z of Secrecy’ visitors are able to explore issues around secrecy, power and ignorance through a set of themed boxes, and help develop a new collection of objects which will support researchers and the public to build a better understanding of how these concepts impact on our day to day lives.


Dr Elspeth Van Veeren, Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Bristol and SPIN co-ordinator said: “The team of researchers at SPIN are absolutely delighted to be working with We the Curious to develop a new set of activities. Understanding the power of secrecy and ignorance seems more relevant than ever in a time of online misinformation, conspiracies, revelations of government and corporate secrets, and a growing awareness of longstanding collective cultural amnesias. We’re excited to work with new audiences of all ages to further those conversations.


Find out more about Project What If and book tickets for We the Curious here.


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