Introducing our 2021 SPIN Fellowship Recipients

April 22, 2021

We’re pleased to introduce SPIN’s 2021 research fellows:


PhD researcher Zoe Samudzi, who is a researcher in Medical Sociology at the University of California, San Francisco and whose work focuses on the interconnections between German colonisation, bioscience, genocide in Namibia and the production of black indigenous identity. She’ll be working on a project involving white ignorance and fascist symbology.


Dr. Louise Pears who will be researching the CIA’s use of Twitter. Dr. Pears is currently based at the University of Leeds with a focus on security studies, critical terrorism studies, and feminist security studies. She’ll be working with Dr. Rhys Crilley who joins use as an affiliate and who is currently based at the University of Glasgow with a focus on nuclear weapons, critical security studies, and popular culture and world politics.


PhD researcher James Mansfield (and his alter-ego, Dr. Lattin) for his work on affects of secrecy, ruins and parafictions. James is based at the University of Reading where he is doing a PhD in Fine Art with a focus on museums.



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