New Exhibition: SPIN, the A-Z of Secrecy and Ignorance at Bristol’s We the Curious Museum

October 20, 2020

SPIN are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Bristol’s knowledge museum, We the Curious.


From mid-November, visitors to the museum will be able to visit the new ‘John James Theatre of Curiosity’, a central discussion space which encourages visitors to explore how science works, where SPIN will help to launch the new programme for Project What If around the theme ‘A Better World Is Possible.’ See the We The Curious press release for more on the new programme.


SPIN’s contribution will consist of ‘The A-Z of Secrecy and Ignorance’ – a collaborative open source science activity. The activity will ask museum visitors to consider and offer suggestions on what makes secrecy and ignorance interesting, powerful, and sometimes overlooked. Visitors will be able to meet university researchers, explore issues around secrecy, power and ignorance, and help develop a new collection of objects which will help SPIN and the public to build a better understanding of how these concepts impact on our day to day lives.




This activity and the work of SPIN is funded and supported by the GW4 Alliance – a research alliance between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.



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